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About the therapist

The true power of hypnotherapy is to transform emotional charge: from hopelessness to hope, from anger to empowerment, from grief to love and forgiveness. 

Mandi Axmann (PhD) is a an accredited Medical Social Worker with the Association of Australian Social work (AASW), and has further qualifications in Education and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Mandi completed her clinical diploma in hypnotherapy with the Institute for Hypnoenergetics.  This powerful holistic modality embraces all dimensions of human consciousness to transform lives.  Mandi engages the quantum healing technique  that employs the subconscious mind to help the person heal on various planes of existence, combined a variety of mindfulness-based approaches as documented by the Melbourne Mindfulness Institute.

She undertook the Master series in the Neurobiology of Trauma treatment with the The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) that features trauma specialists such as Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Ruth Lanius and Dan Siegel.  

Mandi started her career as a medical social worker at Rietfontein Hospital in South Africa.  This is a hospital for the treatment of long-term, chronic conditions such as cancer, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.  She offered individual and group therapy, and initiated start-up community projects such as Community door gardens, Adult Basic Education (Adult learning) and Play therapy groups for children.

She subsequently worked at the Technical College of South Africa as a lecturer in Social Studies. After immigration she worked at various Australian higher educational institutions within educational design and development.  

Mandi works holistic and intuitive in alignment with your energetic systems to assist you reaching your full potential.    

You can further read articles by Mandi on her blog.