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Virtual Gastric Banding Weight Management 
The Virtual Gastric Banding hypnotherapy program provides all the positive benefits of weight loss surgery without all the risks. It is non-surgical and therefore has no side effects, no medical risk and no pain. 

Self-esteem and confidence
Hypnotherapy can bring you in touch with your inner wisdom, guidance and confidence.

Career and life decisions
Hypnotherapy can assist you to safely explore different options and choose in accordance with your highest purpose.

Mental Health 

Anxiety and depression
Hypnotherapy can allow you to release inhibiting fears and anxieties that may prevent you from leading a rich and satisfying life.

Hypnotherapy has been proven very successful to deal with debilitating phobias and addictions that may be holding you back from your true potential,

Are you suffering from addictions such alcohol, chemical substances or gambling? Hypnotherapy is aimed at helping to release underlying causes of addiction.

Conscious-based Healing

NLP is essentially about behavioural modelling which means that any task or skill done well (or excellently) can be decoded and replicated so that others can learn to do the same skill or task. It’s this aspect of NLP (the modelling) that means NLP is so widely applied. NLP is often referred to as a meta-discipline (or an approach that informs many approaches). 

Time line and regression therapy
Regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, The aim of regression is to uncover hidden patterns that may cause you to feel stuck within certain situations or emotions that may be holding you back from experiencing love and joy in your life.

Read more about past life regression.

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